Thursday, December 1, 2011

A note to all my friends and family

Hi, everyone!
I'm in the process of integrating my various networks on the web--I'm linking them together best as I can, a little bit at a time.  The title of my blog, "Living in Montana" is about living in "The Last Best Place", but not being isolated from the world.  One of my goals is to have friends on every continent, many major towns and countries, and to share what the idea of "Quality of Life" means to different people, and how to achieve that vision.
I enjoy my privacy, but for now, most of my stuff is open to everyone to view and comment.  Just no spam, please!  I have a Facebook account, and an account on Flicker, as well as on Stumbleupon.  I'll try to keep everything linked back to my Blogger site, with links to my other sites.  Feel free to contribute by suggesting new sites, pictures, articles--whatever brings joy to your soul!!
Thanks, Rodney T.